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We use a number of accessible features with our graphics

  • All images are routinely used with “alt” tags
  • Some of our sites use randomly generated imagery. Obviously these cannot be described as they are random but are also marked up with an alt tag of “randomly generated imagery” to indicate their presence. Randomly generated imagery never holds important information, data or text but is purely aesthetic and/or to aid visual navigation “connections” in conjunction with text for people with reading difficulties or special needs
  • Descriptions or “d” tags are used on the rare occasion when images do carry information or add significantly to the understanding of the information provided on the page

Some websites use a large amount of visual content which may be too slow for mobile phones, PDA or “dial-up modem” users. Turning off graphics may also be useful for speech-readers.

It is recommended that you set your mobile phone browsers to disable images to speed page loads

You can also use the browser itself to remove graphics.

If you are using Internet Explorer (IE):

  • 1. Select the Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab
  • 2. Under “Accessibility” ensure that “Always expand ALT text for images” is selected
  • 3. Scroll down to “Multimedia” and ensure that “Show pictures” is turned off

You may need to refresh the page (F5) to show these changes.

If you are using Firefox:

  • 1. Open Tools > Options > Content tab and
  • 2. Un-tick the “load images automatically” box
  • 3. Refresh the page (F5) afterwards to view the changes.

If you are using Safari:

  • To load a web page with no images: From the Safari menu, choose Preferences > Appearance
  • Uncheck Display images when the page opens.

You may need to refresh the page (F5) to show these changes

If you are using Opera:

  • To remove images choose Tools>Preferences>Web pages
  • Change the images option to No Images

You may need to refresh the page (F5) to show these changes

If you are using Netscape:

  • 1.Click on the security centre>tools>security centre
  • 2. A security menu will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the browser. Select the current site-rating tab
  • 3. Click on the small blue arrow next to your trust settings
  • 4. Click on the advanced tab and Un-tick the box that says “allow images to be displayed”

You may need to refresh the page (F5) to show these changes